Losing Sleep

by Secret Keeper

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released January 3, 2015

Recorded at Glow In The Dark Studios
Produced, Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Matt McClellan

All songs written and performed by Secret Keeper © 2015



all rights reserved


Secret Keeper Florida

sad kids writing sad songs

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Track Name: Left Alone
You chew me up
And spit me out
I've always cared
It's myself I don't give a fuck about
I told myself this would never be me
But in the mirror, it's all that I see
I grew up in your arms
And it's hard to forget I wasn't loved from the start
Tell me what it means to be alive
Tell me what it means to live
So I can tell you
You're full of shit
Aren't you so fucking sick?
I never gave a fuck about myself
Track Name: The Glass Half Empty
One step forward
Two steps back
I'm losing footing I'm losing tact
On unstable ground
At least I've claimed my plot
Before they lay me back down
Everything is changing while I stay the same
And it feels like I'm waking up to the same day
It's the same old story, the same old place, same old room where I spent most of my days
As a kid, things seemed so much brighter back then
And I never had to fake a smile
And the hardest thing I had to do was ask my mom if I could just stay out a little while longer
I'd dream of leaving when all I ever wanted was right here
But the good things, they pass you by
And you're never there when they die
I've learned the hardest part of growing up is burying the ones you love
So alone I can feel it in every inch of my body, in every bone
It's eating me alive from the inside
An emptiness, I'll always know
So alone I can feel it every inch of my bones
It's eating me alive from the inside
Now I'm sinking down again like I do every day
And god if you're there, please answer me
But you're not there and I know it
So why do I keep talking to the sky when I'm alone here?
Track Name: Everything Falls Apart
The truth is I hate my own guts so you won't have to
So much so, that I can't recognize love or the lack of it
I've packed this suitcase a thousand times
Said aloud "I'll never look back"
But end up sitting on my bed just staring at it
I've cried alone more times than I'd like to admit
But I've been too proud to tell you
I'm losing it
Anxiety ridden guilt stricken
The weights of things
It's sinking in
It's like an awful movie I've seen a hundred times and I know the end
And everything falls apart
But I'm collecting the pieces
I found a little bit of hope shoved between the seats In the back of the van
And I'm content with knowing exactly where I am
I've seen hell It's a worn out reclining chair
And I've dreamt of heaven
It's anywhere but here
Track Name: Losing Sleep
Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing
Except every time I wore my heart on my sleeve just to have it taken from me
And every time that smoke hit my lungs just to feel at ease
Just like you live for Him, I live for this
Dissect each word but it's the point you always missed
Everything is easier said than done
But these notes can't be written just to stay unsung
You rip me apart
But you were lost from the start
Looking towards the sky to find the throne
But I've found a kingdom in my life
A heaven to call my own
Looking back, I'd leave everything
Set up shop on the corner of every street
Sell all my hopes and dreams to every stranger I meet
But when will you ever acknowledge me?
As a kid storms made me feel safe
On rainy days I knew the clouds overhead
Felt the same as me
But these days I'm losing sleep over nothing
The sky blankets the light and it only seems to bring me down
When it rains, it pours and I'm not sure If I can keep my head above
water anymore
Track Name: I Heard That You Died
You drink to take the pain away
I write these words to feel the same
Believe me, I haven't moved passed
And you'll always have a piece
And I'll continue to live but always incomplete
You left me with a sigh of relief
But ever since I've hated to be me
I think of you most of the time and what our lives could have been
You're the reason why I can't fall asleep at night
You're the reason why I'm watching every sunrise
You're the reason why I grew up too fast
And you're the reason why I can't get past this
I heard that you died
The joyful spirit I once knew is no longer inside of you
They keep telling me I'll be fine but I don't feel alright
I know I always smelled like smoke
But you were the one who made me choke
On all my words
And no matter what your friends say
Love isn't supposed to feel this way
It isn't supposed to hurt